Ukraine: Blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

On April 17th Ukraine, Russia and the West have reached a compromise to try to ease the Ukrainian crisis. While the deal remains fraught with problems and may not be able to surmount the divisions between the pro-EU government in Ukraine and the Moscow-leaning eastern regions, it is seen as so much needed step to de-escalate the tension.

However, the long-term imperative of improved institutions, good governance and a business climate that facilitates the modernization of Ukraine’s ailing economy looms large over the current situation.

Despite all the challenges, we at Keker Ukraine work hard and seek new opportunities. And find them. Due to the diminished local demand and the devaluation of our national currency – the hryvnia , Ukrainian high quality business services became more competitive abroad. By working closely with our international partners, we have reached a quadruple sales growth over the last months.

We believe that only by hard work, accountability and integrity we will be able to unlock private investment and allow business activities to thrive through the stimulus of competition rather than political patronage, and build a new, more transparent, focused and accountable Ukraine, liberated from red tape and a controlling state.

Veronika Zhukova


Keker Ukraine

Kiev, 18 April 2014

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Photo: Ukrainan press