Командировки и Поездки иконка


1-3 %/cost

Average price for enterprises with
up to 10 employees and/or
annual turnover not exceeding
1.5 million euro.

We offer a full-service operation with our Travel Support team:
• Tickets booking: Airline, Railway, Bus, Ship.
• Hotel Booking
• Meet and Greet Services
• Car and Bus Rentals
Our service goes beyond the booking to also include support with your requirements for travel documents, destination information, travel insurance, and other types of assistance. Through Keker Travel Support team, feel safe and confident that your travels are handled by the leading industry experts.

Mikhail Ezersky foto

Wood Group
Mikhail Ezersky
General Director

Keker provides us with high quality Travel Support services. They offer both individual and group rates on airline tickets, railway tickets, hotel booking, and many other services related to travel.

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Yuri Andreyuk foto

Techint Group
Yuri Andreyuk
Assistant Head of Branch

We buy all the tickets through Keker. Price from Keker is lower than their competitors’ in 7 cases out of 10 (in the remaining 3 it’s roughly the same), all tickets and reservations are being made instantly, and the invoice arrives at the end of the month. And like all KEKER services it is very easy to use – just send an email to their one email.

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Anna Shemelina foto

Anna Shemelina
Administrative Director

We expect a lot from our suppliers. First, it is compliance with our stringent corporate policies and requirements. Second, our customers in Russia and the CIS are used to great service, and we demand the same level of service from our suppliers. Keker meets all our expectations, saves our time and eliminates all our worries.

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