Russia: Lost In Translation? Keker Provides Best On The Market Translation Services

Best On The Market

Translation Services sales beat all records. According to the information released by the financial department, sales of Translation Services not only are surpassing forecast, they already out performed record-breaking Q1 sales by an amazing figure of 178%.

We believe this is the result of our strong commitment to the Core Values:

  • Integrity and Quality

100% positive feedback from our Customers – market leaders in Engineering, Energy, and Oil&Gas segments. Highest scores for quality of the technical translation and use of appropriate terminology.

  • Fair Price

Translation: 290 RUR (6 EUR) per standard page.

Proofreading: 140 RUR (3 EUR).

Our value proposition leaves no room for competition. We simply offer the best deal on the market. Try it now.

Keker provides a variety of quality business services in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and
Kazakhstan. Apply now and get started for free. Your first 3 hours of consultancy are on us.

Photo: based on Lost In Translation movie by Focus Features,