Недвижимость иконка


500 EUR/month

Average price for enterprises with
up to 10 employees and/or
annual turnover not exceeding
1.5 million euro.

Operation, control, and oversight of office property:
• Real Estate Intelligence Service, Research and Consulting
• Property Management
• Workplace Solutions
• Cleaning services for offices, industrial and retail properties, apartments and private homes

Elena Kalmykova foto

BT Global Services
Elena Kalmykova
Business Support Manager

Office repairs were carried out perfectly. All my wishes had had been considered and delivered. The results and the quality fully met my expectations. The most important thing is that we did not even notice the repairs being carried out, which in my opinion is the most important.

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Dario De Luca foto

Techint Group
Dario De Luca
Branch Administrative Manager

Keker has provided high quality property management for two years, including property search, sublease and cleaning services. We are happy with the price/quality ratio and I recommend Keker as reliable provider.

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Mikhail Kozlov foto

Techint Group
Mikhail Kozlov
Branch Director

Keker claim to deliver best price/quality ratio and in our case we requested the lowest price and were ready to compromise on the quality. They gave us the best price and managed to keep the quality at high level.

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Mila Rudenko foto

Mila Rudenko
Office Manager

After we moved to our new office there was a mountain of problems, including office furniture and infrastructure. Keker helped to solve this quickly and efficiently. On Friday they brought everything to the office. When I came to office on Monday, everything was set to enjoy work.

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Yuri Andreyuk foto

Techint Group
Yuri Andreyuk
Assistant Head of Branch

We selected KEKER to manage our property over all other dedicated agencies due to their responsible attitude to our demands and wishes and instant response to complaints.

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Andrea Campagna foto

Techint Group
Andrea Campagna
Project Manager

The folks managed to find an apartment to our satisfaction and within the budget.



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