Russia: Personnel Outsourcing Solution Helps Mitigate Risk And Provides Long-term Benefits

Growing Demand for Our Personnel Outsourcing Services

Over the past few months, we have been enjoying a growing demand for our personnel outsourcing services. Indeed, in view of the current economic and political situation companies tend to reduce headcount and minimize risks and personnel outsourcing proved to be an efficient solution.

Beyond reducing risk that our solution provides other long-term benefits:
• Start new projects quickly
• Reduce labor costs
• Control capital costs

Keker personnel outsourcing provides access to large pool of qualified professionals in a variety of areas. An outsourced employee typically works in Client’s office while Keker takes care of the employee’s payroll, taxes, interactions with the tax inspection and other government bodies.

Our team provides Project and Finance Managers, Qualified Engineers, Accountants and many other highly skilled specialists. Whether it is a one-time initiative or a long-term project, our staff allows Customers to focus on their core competencies while our team works quickly and cost-effectively to meet our Customers’ objectives.

Keker provides a variety of quality business services in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, 
and Kazakhstan. Apply now and get started for free. Your first 3 hours of consultancy are on us.

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