Бухгалтерский Учет иконка


660 EUR/month

Average price for enterprises with
up to 10 employees and/or
annual turnover not exceeding
1.5 million euro.

Entire range of accounting services from the leading specialists:
• Bookkeeping and Tax setup and maintenance
• Internal audit services and Reconciliations
• Extensive scope of tax and other statutory reporting
• All payment and bank reports and management
• Accounting and taxation consultancy and support

Anatoly Belostropov foto

Wood Group
Anatoly Belostropov
Chief Accountant

We decided to outsource the sophisticated and complex payroll calculation for hundreds of our workers in Far North. The choice fell on KEKER. This allowed us to unload our staff and implement two-level controls (internal workforces of KEKER and ours) when checking the detailed sheets, payment for night work, regional, northern and shift allowances, transport, overtime, holidays and weekends. The calculation of payments for increased work and R & R, vacation, and numerous other conditions necessary for the correct and timely calculation of salary and advance payments was automated to maximum extent.

KEKER on their own created, developed and customized a program for a fast and accurate payroll calculations in compliance with all our corporate requirements, including the protection of sensitive information.

KEKER works closely with dedicated specialists of our company and quickly resolves all issues related to the salary calculation and various payments to our employees.

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Igor Veselov foto

NT Engineering
Igor Veselov
General Director

Payroll for hundreds of workers in the Far North is not easy. Difficult detailed report cards, night shift, regional, northern and maintenance allowances, transport fees and overtime payments, additional work, R & R vacation, and lots of various conditions necessary for correct and timely salary calculation. KEKER has developed a program for complex salary calculation and not only saved us time and money, but also got us rid of serious problems with payroll.

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Mikhail Ezersky foto

Wood Group
Mikhail Ezersky
General Director

We rely on KEKER since 2013. We share common values and appreciate their commitment to integrity, quality and fair price. I recommend KEKER as a reliable supplier for wide range of business services.

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Alexander Kolesnikov foto

Alexander Kolesnikov
Commercial Launch Project Manager

Keker is fast, friendly, reliable, cost-effective and absolutely indispensable to our business. One of those great things that make you wonder how you ever got along without it in the first place.

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Romamentieva Elena foto

GEA Group
Romamentieva Elena
Financial Controller

KEKER has been able to quickly respond to our needs and organized accounting within a very tight time frame. This was done in a very professional manner and in difficult circumstances. Benefits of KEKER – fast recruitment and transparent pricing

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